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One key to developing successful software systems is the specification of the system requirements.

The requirements must be specified in a manner that helps the end-users, development team, and management team understand what the system must do and how the system must do it.

ATC can assist in producing clear, concise requirements that promote communication between the various groups in your organization. We accomplish this goal by applying Use Case Modeling techniques.

The Use Case Model provides a graphical and textual representation of the requirements. The model illustrates the system's intended functions (use cases), the things that will interact with the system (actors), and the relationship between the use cases and actors.

The use case model provides an invaluable vehicle for end-users, developers, and management to discuss the system's functionality and behavior.

Based upon this approach, ATC provides the following types of services:

a) Use Case Modeling Services - Our use case modeling services help clients adopt and apply use case engineering practices to delineate the end-user vision of the system.

b) Requirements Review Services - After formulating a use case model, a requirements review process helps identify requirements that may have been missed or need to be clarified.

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